T in China

There is tea as we know it in China. But little known is the fact there is another kind of tea in China. But this kind of "tea" is a code word, lingo among those in the know of certain girls/women who like dressing and keeping the hair short, like a tomboy. So T or "tea" in China is an alternative meaning for tomboy, or lesbian, or whatever.

In fact, there are some 36 million to 48 million homosexuals in China. And gay culture in China has a very long long history.

So, in China, you have people saying "I am tea." Which to people who understand means "I am gay."

There are a whole list of words to describe tea terms that you may not understand; although they're not much having to do with the kind of tea we drink:
T:所谓的tomboy,指比较阳刚的女同志 (Tea meaning tomboy, referring to a particularly masculine type of "female companion").
浓茶=涩tea=色t (Strong tea = astringent tea = lustful tea; or lustful whatever - you get the idea).

So what do you think? Is T your cup of tea?

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Tea Geek said...

So is "tea" meaning "gay" used for men as well, or just the kind of stereotypical "manly" lesbian? And do you know if that slang is also used in Taiwan?