Hong Kong - Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

Whenever I visit Hong Kong, I usually make time for a trip to the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. I have visited often enough when I have the chance; and I always find casual tours through the place to be inspiring in some way.

Currently, they have a new exhibit showcasing the history of tea. The exhibit runs until November 11, 2008. Last time I visited HK back in March, it wasn't installed yet. On my next visit to HK (very soon), I will be sure to take a look.

Check the HK Museum of Art website for details.


Brett said...


Although I've never been to this museum (or Hong kong for that matter), I have a poster for a show of yixing pots that toured the globe over 10 years ago. The Poster states that it's from the that same museum. (You can see it in my latest blog post hanging over a bookshelf)

(Wonderful blog by the way! I just discovered it and already see lots of stuff I will read.)

Xiexie Ni,

Anju Shukla said...

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