Tea in Hong Kong

I've been to Hong Kong quite often now. And it's a must place to visit. Hong Kong is just such a cool place. It's busy, crowded, and life there is vibrant. It's also very clean. Much cleaner than mainland China.

Though I've been there a few times, I didn't have the chance to really visit any tea spots. But I have been researching, and next month here's where I plan to go:

Hong Kong:

Flagstaff House Museum of Teaware 茶具文物館

Last time it was raining hard, and I looked for quite awhile. I knew it was in Hong Kong park. But I didn't think Hong Kong park was a mountian! After trudging up the mountian in the rain, I looked at a notice board, and forgot it was Tuesday. The museum is closed Tuesdays. Better luck next time.

Wing Wah Ngong Ping Teahouse 榮華昂坪茶館
Wing Wah is actually a Hong Kong bakery, with many branches. But they have a teahouse on Lantau Island that has an interactive multimedia display to learn about tea art. Sounds pretty interesting, if you can make it all the way out to Lantau Island.

Ying Kee Tea Co
Just out of curiousity, I want to see what tea stores in Hong Kong are like, and how they compare to ones in Mainland China. The pic of the storefront on their website looks nice, so I want to take a look in person.

Well, that covers a lot of area, I can tell you. First, going all the way out to Lantau Island, then, making it back to Central, and then going to Kowloon.

Then, after crossing the border at Luo Hu into Shenzhen, I always like to check out Tea World (a collection of many many tea shops on the second floor of the De Xing building, right beside McDonald's on Jian She road.. It's very close to the train station in Shenzhen. They have a lot of cool things there, including teas and all kinds of teaware. And the prices are pretty reasonable.

Next month, I will report back on my travels to these places.


謏 約翰 said...

If you have time, I recommend a visit to Dongguan City.
In ”Wal-Mart” center, Second floor, and visit Mrs Yang of the Yu Xin Tea Company.
Phone: (86) 136 0231 4765). She is from Fijian.
Pictures scattered thu my blog ..
regards john

Anonymous said...

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