Chinese Eletric Kettle

Here is an electric kettle that comes straight from China. I bought it in the tea market for 20 yuan. That's really cheap!!

Here it is shown with the the base. The design of this kettle is kind of interesting. It has a pressure switch in the base, so you could turn the kettle on only if there is the weight of water in the kettle to push the switch down. No water, no electrical current. It's some kind of safety feature anyway.

The capacity of this model is 0.8 Litres. Some would say it's too small, but I have no complaints with it. It's quite sufficent, and it boils water quickly.

Notice the spout of this tea kettle. It is elongated and narrow enough for precise pouring of hot water. The small, compact size makes it easier to handle in the hand too. No awkward bulkiness of larger kettles.

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Head Genie said...

I have been really thinking about this kettle, we have a bulky one at home that makes me crazy. I have fairly small hands and the handle is hard to hold when it is full. I like the look of this one.