Ten Memorable Tea Experiences:

  1. Autumn tea - sitting on a bench and viewing the mist on the lake. The red pine tree beside me let water droplets fall into the lake with a distinctive sound. The white cliffs surrounding the lake were barely visible.
  2. Summer tea - sitting in a field watching birds, hearing hawks screaming.
  3. Summer evening tea - on a full moon evening, sitting on the beach, watching lightning in a distant cloud.
  4. Summer morning tea - 6 am tea, waking up in my tipi to the bugling of sandhill cranes in the field.
  5. Spring morning tea - waking up to the scent of balsam boughs of my bed, surprised at all the frost outside.
  6. Maple tea - while boiling down maple sap, drinking copious quantities of freshly brewed tea infused in maple sap.
  7. At a friend's house - sitting ouside on the porch, drinking a big bowl of tea, watching a bald eagle glide over the lake.
  8. In China, sitting in a teahouse, listening to the tea host talk about tea.
  9. In China, in the tea market, chatting with the other guests while we all drank really good Anxi Tieguanyin together.
  10. Winter tea - watching the moonlight over the frozen lake.

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