Tea Photography.

It's an interesting discussion topic. And I guess it's a career for some people - professional tea photographer. Lately I have been curious about the subject. What does it take to get that great shot? Some tea photos are very well composed, highly artistic. Yes, tea friends, tea photography is the new art. Let's get a bunch of cool tea photos, frame them, and hang them in our houses. Get rid of all the other boring stuff hanging on the walls. Our houses could become our private tea art gallery - full of tea photos hanging on our walls. And if you're a tea photographer, man, you should take your work and go on tour. You will be famous.

If you're just an amateur photographer, try taking some tea photos. See how creative you can get, and try to make something interesting. It doesn't hurt to experiment with the tea utensils you have - even if they are very ordinary ones. Tea photography is a subject of endless fascination.

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Anonymous said...

Good susgession. I saw quite a few impressive tea photos. Will try.