Tea in Chinese Television Series - Part 2

Di Yi Cha Zhuang第一茶庄

This is the story of the turmoil of a wealthy tea family and their business through the tumultuous times of the Japanese occupation of China.

Each scene has a very rich and beautiful setting; and there are episodes of tea brewing using zisha tea ware.

There is also the personal conflict between Zhao Tian Yu 趙天宇and Li Tian Ci 李天賜brought about because of revenge over lost love; which then spreads to affect the Zhao family business.

There are also overtones of traitorous behavior as Li Tian Ci uses the Japanese to further his evil ambitions.

Li Tian Ci becomes the underling of the Japanese business man Song Yuan, who under Song Yuan’s tutelage is taught and directed to use unscrupulous and ruthless means to achieve business objectives in their competition with the Zhao family tea business.

But not only does the Zhao family have to face the Li Tian Ci problem, other forces are working to break apart the family fortune. There is the wife of the older brother who is very unfilial toward the Zhao family. Then there is the vile treachery, swindling, and blackmail orchestrated by Song Yuan to destroy the name and fortune of the Xuan He tea business, (Xuan He Cha Zhuang 宣和茶莊) and the Zhao family.

The story goes on to portray the life events of each member of the family through prosperity and hardship.

This is a very compelling story, and one certainly worth watching. Of course, there is tea in the series, so it’s one of my favorites too. Hope I can find it on DVD in China soon.

The entire program can be seen on Youku here.

Production year: 2005
Number of episodes: 30
Language: Mandarin


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I'm sharing this link too, with my Twitter and Facebook tea friends. It attracts a lot of attention because few people in America know Chinese well enough to surf the Internet and find these things. Thanks again. --Teaternity

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